About HP Kids Fund

At HP, our mission is to create experiences that amaze through the technology that we create and to make a lasting impact on the communities that we serve.

Recognising equal access to technology in the classroom as a prominent issue, we have launched HP Kids Fund, a half-a-million dollar program offering a total of fifty grants of $10,000. All school teachers and principals across Australia are eligible. Grants can be used towards the purchase of HP technology to encourage STEM learning and development in the classroom.

HP hopes to inspire Australian educators to incorporate not only standard technologies such as laptops into schools, but to make innovative and exciting technology a part of the learning process.

Grant Details:

about HP kids fund
  • HP Kids Fund is offering fifty grants of $10,000 to be used towards the purchase of HP technology.
  • All teachers and principals across Australia are invited to apply.
  • HP Kids Fund runs four intakes throughout the year.
  • Every applicant will receive a 6 months complimentary access to Code Camp World, an e-learning platform teaching kids how to code. This access can be used for the entire school.
  • Runner-ups will also receive a session with Code Camp, teaching kids how to code in-class.

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